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PDF Templates Made Easy!

Our PDF Templates Have Been Designed To Enable You To Make Your Own PDF Ebooks And Info Products Quickly!

We Strongly Advise That You Don't Buy Any PDF Software Or Ebook Compilers Without First Reading This Page!



Dear Friend,

Do you ever wish you had an easy way to make your own information products and ebooks?

If you have ever tried to make PDF ebooks without using Adobe Acrobat then you have probably encountered some difficulties.

The problem is... many applications that authors use to write their original manuscripts do not provide a way for you to quickly and easily convert your documents into the PDF format.

And if they do, you usually end up with a poor quality PDF file that has:

  • No Bookmarks
  • No Web Hyperlinks
  • A Table of Contents that is not hyperlinked to any pages
  • No Security to prevent people copying your content!

Your new PDF file looks amateurish...even if your content was terrific!  And many writers are reluctant to pay around $300 for the original Adobe Acrobat software!

So it's not surprising that several cheap "PDF compilers" have appeared. They are typically priced up to $100 but even at that price they are out of range of some writers and may still have the limitations mentioned above.

Well, we decided to do something about it... Let me explain...

Our company has a history of working with writers and authors. We are the people behind Worldwide Freelance Writer, one of the leading web sites for writers, and several other writing-relates sites and newsletters.

So we know the problems that many writers face when trying to convert their manuscripts into PDF documents. And trust me, many of our writers DO NOT want to pay up to $300 US dollars for the original Adobe Acrobat software!

We decided to "step up to the plate" and help to solve this problem. We've developed a new tool that enables you to turn your manuscript into a well-designed PDF ebook...and the best part is that it is less expensive, quicker and much easier than ever before!

Introducing... Easy PDF Templates!

Now you can quickly create full-featured ebooks and other information products that your customers can open in Adobe Reader... or any other PDF reader.

Our original Easy PDF Templates were designed to work only with OpenOffice Writer. It works just like MS Word, but it is totally free to download and use!

All you need to do is:

  1. Choose a template and open it (in OpenOffice Writer or Microsoft Word).

  2. Add your content.

  3. If you want to, make any changes to the fonts, colors, line spacing or other areas if you wish.

  4. If you are using OpenOffice select your preferred settings for your new PDF document, then simply push the button to automatically convert it into a PDF file.

Now how's that for easy!

If you are using Microsoft Word how you convert to PDF may depend upon your version and a number of other options detailed here.

You can start using our Easy PDF Templates right away to create PDF ebooks that look smart and professional!

Would you like to see a sample? Here is one of our popular template designs...you can download it here or by clicking on the following image.


And that is just one of our designs...  There are now
26 different PDF Templates.

Click here to see them all.


The ebook industry is booming, right now. Just imagine...wouldn't it be great to be a part of it... and have your own home-based business writing and selling ebooks and information products?

Now You Don't Need To Buy Adobe Acrobat...
Or Any Other Ebook Compiling Software!

Check out the regular cost of PDF compiling software...

 Name  Price (approx)
 Adobe Acrobat $300
 Nitro PDF Pro $  99
 CutePDF Pro $  89
 Click To Convert $  89

With Easy PDF Templates You Save Your Money and Your Time! 

Look how much you save on the price because you DO NOT NEED any of the above software.

Plus you are using our pre-made professional design which will save you tons of time formatting your manuscript!

Simply pick one of our design templates and start adding content.

If you have an older version of Microsoft Word then you can still convert it yourself if you have access to Adobe Acrobat software.

Our Easy
PDF Templates Will Enable You To...

Create PDF Ebooks and other information products with a professional design and appearance.

Include live hyperlinks within your documents so you can link to any web site.

Include a "Table of Contents" in your ebook which has live links to each chapter.

Lock your PDF file with a special security password if you want to prevent editing or copying.

Save tons of time instead of trying to come up with your own designs!

Easy PDF Templates are available
individually or as a complete pack.

To browse and select individual
templates for $12.95 each
please click here.

To purchase the entire pack
of 26 templates for $49.95
see below.


Yes!  I understand that by Ordering Today I will get the entire pack of Easy PDF Templates for just $49.95.

All sales are final. No refunds will be given except in the case of defective merchandise or failure on our part to deliver the product. In either of those cases please contact us for resolution.

By clicking on the Order button
you signify your understanding and acceptance of this policy.



Simply click the order button below. You will be able to download
Easy PDF Templates immediately following payment.



* works for PC and Mac

Software Requirements

OPTION A: OpenOffice Writer

This is free software and we'll show you
where to get it on our download page.

OPTION B: Microsoft Word
If you choose to use the Microsoft Word version of our
templates you have several options for converting to PDF.



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